O Stephen nasceu em Março de 2007 com 24 semanas de gestação e com 590 gramas de peso












Após um periodo de internamento de cerca de 4 meses o Stephen foi para casa








Este é o testemunho da mãe do Stephen:

step_c"O meu filho Stephen nasceu 16 semanas antes da data prevista devido a placenta prévia.
No dia 1 de março 2007 ele veio ao mundo com apenas 24 semanas e 3 dias de gravidez.
Pesava 590 gramas e 30,5cm de comprimento.Os medicos derem-lhe 30% de hipóteses de sobrevivência nas primeiras 24 horas. Foi intubado as primeiras 8 semanas de vida, passando depois para "cpap" e depois para "nasal cannula oxygen".

Com 2 semanas foi operado "PDA surgery" seguindo várias complicacões incluindo um pulmão "collapsed", "Intravintricular Hemmorrage", derrame cerebral de grau 2, e deficiência renal. Batalhou varias infecções incluindo uma por staphylococcus aureus. Antes de sair do hospital fez "laser eye surgery" aos olhos devido a"ROP".

Com uma estadia de 119 dias na "NICU" veio para casa no dia 27 de Junho pesando 3kg e 50,8 cm de comprimento. Foi para casa com oxigenio e "apnea monitor"; fomos instruidos de como step_ao utilizar antes do Stephen ter alta.
O monitor de apneias foi retirado em principos de Setembro e mais tarde, em Outubro, também deixou o oxigénio.

Hoje o Stephen é um menino saudavel de 19 meses. Além de ser pequeno tem algums problemas de nutricão "feeding issues" e estamos a trabalhar com o "feeding team".Também tem recebido terapia "ocupational e physical" 2 vezes por semana durante uma hora.

O Stephen é o nosso bebé milagre.

Queremos agradecer aos médicos, enfermeiros, e "therapists" que tomaram conta dele na sua batalha.


Este é o testemunho da mãe do Stephen (versão em Inglês):
step_gMy son Stephen Michael was born 16 weeks early due placental abruption.
On March 1st 2007, he made his way into this world at only 24 weeks and 3 days into my  pregnancy. Three days before  he was born i did receive streoid injection to help with lung maturity.
Stephen weighed a whooping 590 grams and was 30.5 cm long.Doctors gave him a 30% chace of surviving the first 24 hours of life. We were told that each additional day he lived would better his chances of survival. He was intubated for the first 8 weeks of life.The first 3 weeks he spent on a high-frequency oscillatory ventilator which is known too be damaging to the lungs.He was then switched to a conventional ventilator for the next 5 weeks we were told that this ventilator would cause less injury too Stephens frail lungs.He would then graduate to cpap and then to nasal cannula oxygen over the next few weeks. He had surgery at only 2 weeks old to repair his Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA). His PDA being opened was causing higher pressure in the blood vessels in the lungs making it hard to keep him oxygenated. He was given Indomethacin which is a drug to close his PDA without the need of surgery but it failed to work.
Stephen had many complications, he fought numerous infections such as phnemonia and methicillin-resistant  staphylococcus aureus(MRSA), he suffered an Intraventricular hemorrage grade 2 that self resolved, bronchopulmanry  dyspasia(BPD), Gastroesophageal reflux disaese (GERD), adrenal insufficiency, along with a collapsed lung and a bout of renal failure. He had laser eye surgery to treat his retinopathy of prematurity(ROP) just before leaving the hospital.He Spaent 119 days in the Neonatal Intensive care unit(NICU).
He came home in June 27th weighing 3 kg and was 50.8 cm long.He came home on oxygen and an apnea monitor which we were trained to utilize prior to him being discharged. His oxygen requirements where only 1/16 of a liter it was pretty low setting. His apnea monitor was discontinued in early September along with his oxygen in October.
In November Stephen was diagnosed with plagiochephaly (his head shape was flat in the back and side from spending so much time on it). He was fitted with a corrective helmut that he had to wear 23 hours a day for the next 5 months. The  hemut therapy was sucsessful it gave him a round head .Today he is a small but healthy 19 month old, weighs 8 kg and is 75.5 cm tall. He has some feeding issues and we work with a feeding team. He will eat mostly pureed food as any texture will make him gag and vomit. We have seen some improvment he can now tolerate some texture depending on the day.He does still suffer from GERD and does take medicine for this .He has been recently diagnosed as faillure to thrive. His over all caloric intake is poor he has a little to non existing appetite.
Stephen has been receiving occupational and physical therapy since he came home 2 times a week for an hour at our home. His conginitive skills are right on target with his corrected age but his gross motor skills are pretty delayed. Stephen has some muscle tone issues, a weak trunk and high muscle tone in his legs.Therapy has helped him alot he is able to crawl on hands and knees now, and is able to cruise furniture he can even stand unassited for a short period.We are just waiting for him to take his first steps anyday now.
Stephen has come such a long way he is truly a miracle.We are so blessed to have him here with us today.
He is loved by all especially his big sister they have a very special bond.We are very thankful to all the doctors, nurses, and therapists that have taken care of him and continue too take care of him along his journey.






Fotografias cedidas pelos pais do Stephen

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